Monday HIIT 7/28/14



20 scorpions
20 reverse scorpions
20 lying leg lifts (each)
20 air squats
Arm circles
High knee crossover

40 Db lunges
10 box step-ups
30 Db lunges
20 box step-ups
20 Db lunges
30 box step-ups
10 Db lunges
40 box step ups
(Each leg)


Back To School Classes for Youth/Schedule Mods

Schedule of Classes

We are glad to be offering CrossFit Kids and getting back to our roots as we incorporate COLLEYVILLE SPEED AND SPORTS.

We will have 2 CrossFit Classes per day  for Youth, these classes will be separated by age and ability and in each class we will perform age appropriate exercises.

(Although there will be some changes, many of basic principles remain the same).

CrossFit Kids

4pm -6 and up

5pm- 12 and up

Our new Speed & Sports will be 1.5 hours long every evening alternating between JV and Varsity Level athletes.

6:30pm – 8pm & Saturday at 10 am

JV (6-12 years old) will train each and every Monday /Wednesday.

Varsity (13 years & up) will train each and every Tuesday/Thursday.

Each Class will be designed to help your athlete PERFORM.

Contact us now for registration.

Current members will not be affected by the change in price and can attend any and all class times listed above. The new schedule will change August 18th after we conclude our last Summer Mini-Camp.

Thanks for all your input and we are here to help grow a strong community of athletes and families.

-CrossFit Colleyville

Saturday WOD

Warm up

Tabata push-ups
Tabata sit ups
Tabata squats
Tabata burpees


8 hang high pull
8 clean and jerks
8 push press
8 hang clean and jerks
8 deadlifts

If you drop the bar or pause on deadlift (touch and go) you must run a 400m and start that set over.

Friday July 25

(Increasing weight each round)
Power Snatch
5 every minute for 5 minutes
– Rest 1 min –
4 every minute for 5 minutes
– Rest 1 min –
3 every minute for 5 minutes
– Rest 1 min –
2 every minute for 5 minutes
– Rest 1 min –
1 every 30 seconds for 5 minutes

Monday HIIT 7/20/14

20 PVC passthroughs
10 air squats
10 inchworms
20 second squat hold
100 jumping jacks
100 mountain climbers
1000m row

1min lunges
1min box sled push
1min Db bicep curls
1min line runs
1min squat jumps
1min banded walks
1min staggered Db row
1min low hurdle hops
1min staggered Db press

Core: Partners
Hip tap/partner clap

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