9-29-14 HITT

20 min AMRAP

250 m row

15 sumo deadlift high pull

10 slams with 15 lbs

4 sets of

40 second curls followed by 20 second hold back to back

4 sets of triceps ext on resistance bands 1 minute

1 set of 1 minute push ups

1 minute leg lifts followed by 1 minute sit ups
40 second leg lifts followed by 40 second sit ups
30 second leg lifts followed by 30 second sit ups

Tuesday wod 9-30

Strict Pull-up 5,5,5,5,5 Repetitions
(Add weight if needed)

Rest as needed then,

Complete Five Rounds of One Minute “On” Followed by One Minute “Off”

Clean and Jerk

Note: Men’s prescribed Barbell weight is 135lb. and women’s weight is 95lb.

How many Athletes can total 50 or more repetitions?

Monday WOD 9-29

5 Individually Timed Sprint Rounds of:

15 Calorie Row
15 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

Rest 3 minutes between rounds


Tabata Dumbbell One-Handed Snatch

Who can complete all five rounds each under 60 seconds?

For DB snatch Alternate arms as often as needed, totaling both arms repetitions each round. Men’s weight is up to 35lb. and women’s weight 25lb. The Dumbbell Snatch is quickly becoming a new favorite speed and power development skill.

Friday HIIT 9/26/14

Hip Mobility Circuit
Lying leg swings
Seated leg swings
10 Air Squats


Bottom-to-Bottom Tabata Squats
400m Run
Agility ladder
30 push-up to superman
Agility cones
Tabata Butterfly Sit-ups


100 Jumping Jacks
30 hydro bench presses
80 Jumping Jacks
20 hydro Squats
60 Jumping jacks
30 hydro shoulder press
40 Jumping Jacks
30 Leg extension/curls
20 Jumping Jacks
30 push/pull hydro


Wining Wednesday

200 meter


Warm up:
10 jump rope
20 get up
10 jump rope
20 toe touch
10 jump rope
30 Alt Toe touch
10 jump rope
30 push-up
10 jump rope
40 Russian twist
10 jump rope
40 Mountain climber
10 jump rope
50 butterfly sit-up
10 jump rope
50 squats

Then: 200 meter run

10-1 ladder

1a: ball slam
2a. Get up

By: Simba

9-23-14 HITT

6 sets of rowing for 1 minute and 30 seconds with 1 minute rest in between.

4 sets of

30 second dumbbell hammer curls followed by 30 second regular arm curls

Last set increase weight by 5 lbs.

4 sets of

1 minute dumbbell shoulder presses with 5 lbs

Last set increase weight by 5 lbs

4 sets of

20 second deep push ups followed 40 second pulsing push ups.


4 sets of

40 second leg crisscrossing

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