Tuesday WOD

Complete Two Rounds (not timed)

Rope Climb, 2 Accents (Use most challenging technique available)
Strict Dip, 10 Repetitions

Rest as needed then,

Three Rounds for Time:

Deadlift, 15 Repetitions
Hang Power Clean, 12 Repetitions
Front Squat, 9 Repetitions
Push Jerk, 6 Repetitions

Note: Recommended weight for the timed event is up to 135lb. for men and 95lb. for women. Ensure the selected weight can be performed with consecutive repetitions at each of the 4 skills with minimal rest between transitions.

HITT 9-15-14 Big Belief Monday

Warm up:

Cone drills for 10 min:


Partner style ladder 10-1

1a. Kb goblet squat
1b. 10 yards lunge &back

Ex: 10 Kb squat then 10 yards of lunges & back
9 Kb squat then 10 yards of lunges & back etc……….


Partner style ladder 10-1

2a. Bag slam
2b. HRP- hand release push-up

Finisher :

Partner style

Box pushes with plates:

5yards& back
10 yards& back

Repeat 5 rounds

By Simba

Friday WOD

Weighted Box Step-up 5-5-5-5-5 repetitions (each leg)

Rest as needed then,

Five Rounds Against a 1:00 Running Clock of,

Kettlebell Swing, 15 Repetitions
As Many Repetitions As Possible of Barbell Thruster

For the AMRAP, rest up to three minutes between rounds.

Prescribed barbell weight is up to 95lb. for men and 65lb. for women.

Kettlebell weight is up to 53lb. for men and 35lb. for women.

Thursday WOD

Strict Pull-up 5,5,5,5,5 Repetitions. Add weight if appropriate.

Rest as needed then,

Complete Four Times for Total Repetitions:

On a 3:00 Running Clock,

Run 400 Meters
Immediately followed by,
Bench Press Maximum Repetitions

Rest up to 3:00 between rounds. Prescribed weight for men is up to 135lb. and women 85lb. How many people can total 80 or more Bench Press repetitions between all four founds with prescribed weight?

Wednesday Work & Twerk IT HIIT 9/10/14

Station 1.

Kb rack position lunges 4 sets of 15 yards
-increase weight each round

KB squats

3 set of 20
2 set of 15
1 set of 10

Increase weight each round

Finisher :

500 meter rowing – 10 wall ball / step up

400 meter rowing – 20 wall ball/step up

300 meter rowing – 30 wall ball/ step up

200 meter rowing – 40 wall ball / step up

100 meter rowing – 50 wall ball/ step up

Example : 500 meter rowing follow by 10 wall-ball or step then 400 meter rowing follow by 20 wall ball or step up

By Simba



Wednesday WOD

Accumulate a total of 3:00 in a partner assisted or wall supported Hand Stand,

Rest as needed then,

Complete Three Rounds,

On a 3:00 Running Clock:
Run 400 Meters
21 Kettlebell Swings
As Many Repetitions As Possible of Pull-ups

Rest up to 3 minutes between rounds

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